Preferred Shares

NRBSL is now ready to issue preferred shares to both private individuals or organizations local and overseas and government agencies. Last January 18, 2018 the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has issued the Certificate of Registration in favor of NRBSL for the increase in Authorized Capital Stock (ACS) with P150M allocated for perpetual nonredeemable preferred shares.

Targeting mainly its pool of long-term depositors, like-minded civil society groups and foreign development agencies, this strategy is envisioned to expand the ownership structure and boost capital build-up for the Bank. Also, government financial institutions mandated to support RBs are also possible investors under Preferred Stock Class A for government investment in the capital stock of NRBSL up P48M. This facility is aligned with Section 8 of Republic Act 7353 where it is provided that government FIs may subscribe to the capital stock of a rural bank. Accordingly, NRBSL can issue up to P150M Preferred Stock Class B for the general public.