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   The Year 2020 will long be remembered for the COVID-19 pandemic that claimed the lives of thousands, quarantined millions and forced the entire humanity to change its course. Almost instantly the development gains in national, institutional and down to individual levels have slowed down at best or altogether reversed among entities severely affected by the impact of the outbreak. Economists have already noted that 2020 ended the 26 consistent year-to-year growth of the Philippine economy until it plunged to recession in Q2 and had remained so for the rest of the year.

   The case of New Rural Bank of San Leonardo (N.E.), Inc. (NRBSL) is somehow different. The last twenty-six (26) years was a period of steady growth with the scale in the immediate past beginning 2015 unprecedented in its history. By grace of God and crisis management solutions, this growth trend was unabated with NRBSL crossing the P1.8 billion mark by end of 2020 for the first time ever. The Bank remarkably pulled off a 5% growth rate during the same period when the national economy posted a negative 4% performance. While no banking institution including NRBSL was exempt from the disaster that transpired in the year 2020, the way the Bank managed to thrive in these difficult times is deemed as equally momentous if not more significant compared to what it previously achieved considering the magnitude of the economic impact this public health crisis had caused.

What's New

NRBSL receives Certificate of Appreciation from ACPC

In the area of agricultural credit, 2018 proved to be another banner year for NRBSL in partnership building. NRBSL received from the Department of Agriculture’s Agricultural Credit and Policy Council (DA-ACPC) a total funding in the amount of P80M - by far the biggest exposure to a partner rural bank by this government agency. NRBSL’s servicing of marginalized farmers under DA-ACPC partnership has benefited nearly a thousand individuals thus boosting the Bank’s mission implementation performance in reaching out to small farming communities.

DA Secretary Emmanuel Piñol awards NRBSL as Outstanding Lending Partner Conduit and Wendy Curioso as the Gawad Lingap farmer awardee during a ceremony held on April 26, 2019 at the Crowne Plaza Manila Galleria, Quezon City.

BSP Issues Memorandum No. M-2020-068 and M-2020-074 to All BSP-Supervised Financial Institutions (BSFIs)

BSP Memorandum No. 2020-068

Implementation of Section 4(uu) of the R.A. No. 11494 on the "Bayanihan to Recover As One Act"

BSP Memorandum No. 2020-074

Implementing Rules and Regulations (Rules) and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on Section 4(uu) of the R.A. No. 11494 or the "Bayanihan to Recover As One Act"

CCLRB Elects NRBSL VP - Chief of Staff Marcelo N. Jampil as President (2019 - 2020)

NRBSL's Marcelo N. Jampil was elected as CCLRB President (2019 - 2020). He and the rest of the officers took their oath of office at Widus Hotel and Casino at Clark Freeport Zone last August 16, 2019.

NRBSL Bags Gawad CFI Awards for 2 Years in a Row

For 2 consecutive years 2016-2017, NRBSL became the recipient of the coveted 1st prize award of the Gawad CFI by the Land Bank of the Philippines.[more...]

NRBSL Leads CCLRBs Annual Management Conference and Asian Study Tour

New Rural Bank of San Leonardo (N.E), Inc.(NRBSL) Senior Vice President Marcelo N. Jampil assumed the presidency of the Confederation of Central Luzon Rural Banks (CCLRB) for FY2019-2020 [more...]

BSP Issues a Renewal of NRBSL Certificate of Agri-Agra Accreditation

The BSP recently issued their official letter of approval for the renewal of the Certificate of Accreditation in favor of NRBSL as a Rural Financial Institution (RFI) under RA 10000 or Agri-Agra Law. The grant of renewal is an indication that NRBSL’s service to the agriculture industry is not fleeting. The Bank’s preference in favor of farmers is historically proven. More so, the focus of NRBSL’s[more...]

PCHC Approves NRBSL as Clearing Subscriber in the Check Image Clearing System (CICS)

The PCHC Board in its meeting of April 4, 2019 approved the intent of NRBSL to participate as a Clearing Subscriber in the Check Image Clearing System (CICS) of the Philippine Clearing House Corporation.

NRBSL Offers Preferred Shares

NRBSL is now ready to issue preferred shares to both private individuals or organizations local and overseas and government agencies. Last January 18, 2018 the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has issued the Certificate of Registration [more...]


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